Wednesday, 17 August 2011

NM Monitor

NM Monitor - G15

An applet for the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. The NM Monitor monitor displays an overview of CPU / RAM usage, email and date in the main menu. These data can be in addition to weather data, a Winamp support, Teamspeak control, task manager, and many other features to consider separately.
The NM monitor makes the G15 keyboard is no longer just for gamers is very advantageous, but also for programmers and business people.
Important information or news ticker has been so ever in the eye and the built-in task manager has saved many times before rebooting, since the operation of the G15 remains closed, although the PC had hung himself.
In the top photo, the orange LEDs on the keypad has been replaced by green.


MSN Messenger Tool : zax LCD Apps

zax LCD Apps version 1.0.1308

This is a collection of applets for the Logitech G15 keyboard.
They require the .NET Framework 2.0 runtime; you can download this from Windows Update.

zax LCD Application Host
This applet doesn't do anything except for host the other applets.
It is required in order for the other applets to run.

zax G-Key Peeker
This applet provides a quick view of your G-Key assigments.

zax MSN Messenger Monitor
This applet provides logging and notifications for MSN Messenger.

Make sure you have .NET framework 2.0 installed.
Extract all the files somewhere -- it doesn't matter where, as long as all the files are together.
Make sure your Logitech keyboard software is running.
Run the zaxAppHost.exe - you'll only ever have to do this one time, the host applet will register itself with the Logitech lcd drivers and you'll then see it in the LCD Control Panel.
The host applet will load all the other zax applets it finds.

Using zax G-Key Peeker
G-Key Peeker can be run in two modes: Terse or Verbose.
Terse mode shows all 18 G-Keys on one screen, Verbose mode shows 6 G-Keys on one screen.

Softkeys (Terse Mode)
Softkey 1 - Briefly shows the current M key and Profile name being displayed.
Softkey 2 - Cycles through M1-M2-M3
Softkey 3 - Cycles through each profile found.
Softkey 4 - Resets and rescans for any new or changed profiles.

Softkeys (Verbose Mode)
Softkey 1 - Cycles through G1-6, G7-12, then G13-18.
Softkey 2 - Cycles through M1-M2-M3
Softkey 3 - Cycles through each profile found.
Softkey 4 - Resets and rescans for any new or changed profiles.

Configuration Options
LCD display inversion
Unassigned key text
Verbose or Terse display
Display font
Transition screen display
Transition screen display duration
Transition screen font

Using zax MSN Messenger Monitor
MSN Messenger Monitor can be configured fairly extensivelly for what you want it to show and how you want to be notified.

Depending on the configuration, instant messages and contact status changes are logged to the lcd screen. Additionally, notifications can be flashed for messages and status changes as desired.

Winamp G15 Applet

Here you have a good applet for your G15 keyboard. What a better description that show it with an image :

Try it and comment what you think about it.

Download link:

Thursday, 21 July 2011


LCDSirReal, also known as SirReal’s multipurpose G15 plugin, is a small applet for the Logitech G13/G15 gaming keyboards. Unlike many other plugins, it’s very small and fast, and doesn’t require anything else except the TeamSpeak2 DLL (which is included). If you don’t use TeamSpeak 2, you can even delete the file TSRemote.DLL. Whether you are a gamer or just like to keep tabs on what your computer is doing, this is the applet to use.

This plugin will also work on the G19, but it’ll be in black and white – a better option would be LCDHost.

You’ll want to review the contents of lcdsirreal.txt, the configuration file. Double-click it to open it in a text editor such as notepad. LCDSirReal looks for it’s configuration files where the executable is, or in My Documents\LCDSirReal. It will also write it’s log files there.

Each of the G15 soft buttons corresponds to one ‘slot’ in the plugin where you can select which ‘module’ to show. You can have more than one module listed for a slot, and the first one to have anything to show will be used. You can force switch between modules using CTRL+softbutton.

If the G15 keyboard isn’t available or is unresponsive, LCDSirReal shows a small window with it’s display in it. Closing the window terminates LCDSirReal. Clicking on the slots simulates softbutton presses. Hold down mouse button on a slot to do a long-click. Right click to cycle a slot’s contents (like CTRL-softbutton does).

Vista Notes: When running under Windows Vista, LCDSirReal does not require Administrative privileges unless you want to use the speaker switching.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Alarm Clock

Add your events, and set a alarm of the date/time you specify.

Download Link :

Echovoice Gamer Statics

The new version supports a new way to create statistical information about your game play. It includes an open source plugin system so anyone wanting to provide support for a particular game can do so easily. Allowing developers to build plugins so their game is supported. It can support any game with log file support. The new version is also non-G15 dependent, meaning it can collect and display gaming statistics within its own GUI and no external LCD is required. That way your (non-G15) friends can track their stats and compare their statistical information with yours. However G15 users will have many features not available to others. Future versions will also support online stats access, allowing you to share your stats with anyone who has internet access around the world. Also further down the road new SIG generators, giving your forum posts detailed info on your frags and gameplay stats.

Main Features

o Counter-Strike
o Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
o Counter-Strike Source
o Day of Defeat
o Day of Defeat: Source
o Half-Life 2: Deatchmatch
o Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
o Ricochet
o Team Fortress Classic

System Requirements

o Any of the Supported Games
o Microsoft Windows (R) XP/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
o AMD 2000+ or Intel 2Ghz equivalent
o Logitech G15 w/ Drivers Installed
o At LEAST 128 Mb RAM
o Latest Microsoft .NET runtime files


Download Link :

Ray Winamp

1) Put gen_15_ray.dll in your winamp plugins folder.
2) Have fun

Softkey 1 (default)
Winamp spectrum
Winamp title
Winamp song length
Winamp Song duration
Winamp song position (progressbar)
Softkey 2 (playlist)
Use volume wheel to scroll through playlist.
press play key to play song.
Softkey 3 (Volume Control)
Hit softkey multiple times to get different mixers.
Use volume wheel to set volume.
Returns to Winamp screen after 2 seconds of inactiviy
Softkey 4 (configuration)
Use scrollwheel to scroll through options
Use Playkey to toggle the selected option.

Download Link :